Cobra Vega Extra Strong 120

Cobra Vega Extra Strong is one of the potency agents which guarantees an effective and reliable solution against erectile dysfunction or potency problems. The high-potency drug is called extra strong, as this version of Cobra Vega shows a significantly longer duration.

Cobra Vega Extra Strong – the duration of action

The stronger version of Cobra Vega contains a total of 120mg Sildenafil instead of the usual 100mg. The effect of the PDE-5 inhibitor starts well after 30 minutes. The duration of this potency is between 6 and 10 hours depending on the constitution of the man. Cobra Vega 120 can be bought in two different colors, blue and red.

Cobra Vega Extra Strong – the intake

The potency of Cobra Venga Extra Strong is taken with water about thirty minutes before the desired sexual intercourse. But in order for this potency to be effective, sexual stimulation is also necessary.

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