Extra Super P-Force

An erection weakness soon belongs to the past. Reaction problems are equally hindering for a fulfilled sexual life, like premature ejaculation. The solution Extra Super P-Force tablets. This potency contains two different ingredients, with which both problems can be treated effectively. One could say that Extra Super P-Force a successful combination of the active ingredients of Priligy and Viagra. For example, Sildenafil used in Extra Super P-Force provides increased erection ability.

Sildenafil, as well as the ingredient vardenafil, is classified as PDE-5 inhibitors because both drugs reduce or prevent the production of the enzyme PDE-5, which is responsible for the breakdown of the erection. The dapoxetine contained in Extra Super P-Force, on the other hand, which is also contained in Priligy, allows the man to finally determine his own climax. Due to the differently acting ingredients, Extra Super P-Force is the solution for potency lubrication, as well as for a hasty ejaculation. A fulfilled sex life is guaranteed with the use of the high-potency drugs, especially since it has a super effective duration of at least eight hours.

The benefits of Priligy and Viagra in a potency drug – prescription-free at reasonable prices

Extra Super P-Force inspires men not only through its different effects, the potency also convinces by an extremely favorable price-performance ratio. Another advantage is that this potency is only a fraction of the cost compared to Viagra or Priligy. With just one mouse click, you can order an effective erection remedy simply and discreetly with us and the 90% cheaper price. Try it, in our online pharmacy you get the high-potency drug at a reasonable price and the completely without prescription. Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculations will no longer play a role for you in the future.

Purchase Super Power P-Force

The purchase of Extra Super P-Force is worthwhile, as the generic generic drug can not only convince by a broad range of active ingredients. The high-potency-enhancing drug also excels through a much better biocompatibility than is the case with other potency-increasing tablets. It is also advantageous that the potency is constantly developed further, especially when the side effects are concerned. Great, is not it? However, side effects are expected. The combination product is characterized by minimal nausea and / or headaches. At first you also have to expect muscle pain. They cause short-term discomfort, but one can live with it. Stronger side effects occur only when the daily high dose of 100 mg Sildenafil has been exceeded.

Extra Super P-Force Potency Talettes 100mg – the ingredients

The non-prescription potency Extra Super P-Force contains 100mg of sildenafil and 100mg of dapoxetine. Due to the unique combination of active ingredients, the tablets can not only treat erectile dysfunction. Even men who suffer from premature ejaculation can be helped with this potency. While sildenafil inhibits PDE-5, an enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of male erection, dapoxetine provides for the man to take the act of love as long as he takes the potency.

How is Extra Super P-Force taken?

Similar to Kamagra Oral Jelly, Cialis, Apcalis, Malegra or Zhewitra, Extra Super Force is also taken orally. If only one active substance is present in a potency agent, such as tadalafil or vardenafil, the duration of action is faster, but Super P-Force has a much wider range of action. Who knows this has no problem with the application of this potency.

Important: While the sildenafil acts after 30 minutes, it can take up to 45 minutes for dapoxetine to show effect. For this reason, this potency should be one hour before the desired sexual intercourse. Furthermore, when purchasing SuperExtra P-Force you should never forget that the tablets increase potency and endurance but have no influence on the actual pleasure. What this means for you is that sexual stimulation must also be done when Extra Super P-Force tablets are taken.

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